Documenting Instead Of Helping – The Inhuman

I liked this post. It is a sad but true fact.


I will be the first one to say that in an emergency situation, you have to know your limitations.  You help no one by jumping in the water to save a drowning person if you cannot swim.  You instead create an additional victim for others to rescue.

With that out of the way, I am disturbed by the number of people who would rather video tape someone dying than help.  The stories I cite below all have things in common, the ultimate level of laziness, cowardice and a lack of human sympathy.  These stories are just another example of the casualties paid to technology abuse.

Am I the only one that cannot imagine standing by videotaping a stabbing?  Not everyone can render aid, someone with small children, elderly, disabled, I get that.  But anyone with a phone can call for help.  So not only were these scum bags not helping…

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