A Confectioner’s Calamity

“Alright, here I come!” snarled a young brown haired girl with a determined look on her face. Sugar, flour, salt, butter, and other nefarious ingredients were pulled out of shelves and pantries.

Hopeful, she started reading instructions and mixing ingredients with vigor. However, soon a look of despair crept over her face as she put too much salt and spilled too much vanilla extract in the batter.

After a few heated moments of desperate whisking and mixing,  sh
e put a tray of cookies in the oven and sank to the floor in utter despair.

“There is no way they will be good. I messed up everywhere!”

However, it seemed the fates had different plans, for soon she smelled a most delicious aroma. Jumping up and taking out the cookies, she let them cool before popping one in her mouth. It was delicious. It seemed that even though she didn’t make it perfectly, she made something to be proud of.


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